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Vladimir has shot 12 feature films,  award-winning documentaries and over 50 TV commercials. He has filmed in Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, shooting for Audi, Motorola, and many more. 


“GangLand” - Feature Film

“Chocolate City 2: Vegas” - Feature Film

“Chocolate City” - Feature Film

“Antebellum” - Pilot

“Kinky” - Feature Film

“El Arribo de Conrado Sierra” - Feature Film 

“Bloodbeat” - Feature Film

“Namaste” - Feature Film

“Christmas in Connecticut” - Feature Film

“Spin” - Feature Film “Choker” - Feature Film

“Bloom” - Feature Film

“7 Soles” (“Seven Suns”) - Feature Film

“The Next Best West” - Feature Documentary

“A Dream of Hiawatha,” - Feature Documentary


TV Shows 

“American Idol”, - Story/Segment, FOX

“America’s Got Talent” - Story/Segment, NBC

“Pilot Notes”, - Two-part Documentary, BBC

“The Harley-Davidson Story” - Documentary, Biography Channel

“The US Coast Guard Story” - Documentary, Weather Channel

“Mobsters: Danny Green” - Documentary, Biography Channel

“The Bobby Roberts Project” - Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot

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