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Vladimir has shot 13 feature films,  award-winning documentaries and over 50 TV commercials. He has filmed in Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, shooting for Audi, Motorola, and many more. 


"The Vampire Project" - Feature Film

“GangLand” - Feature Film

“Chocolate City 2: Vegas” - Feature Film

“Chocolate City” - Feature Film

“Antebellum” - Pilot

“Kinky” - Feature Film

“El Arribo de Conrado Sierra” - Feature Film 

“Bloodbeat” - Feature Film

“Namaste” - Feature Film

“Christmas in Connecticut” - Feature Film

“Spin” - Feature Film “Choker” - Feature Film

“Bloom” - Feature Film

“7 Soles” (“Seven Suns”) - Feature Film

“The Next Best West” - Feature Documentary

“A Dream of Hiawatha,” - Feature Documentary


TV Shows 

“American Idol”, - Story/Segment, FOX

“America’s Got Talent” - Story/Segment, NBC

“Pilot Notes”, - Two-part Documentary, BBC

“The Harley-Davidson Story” - Documentary, Biography Channel

“The US Coast Guard Story” - Documentary, Weather Channel

“Mobsters: Danny Green” - Documentary, Biography Channel

“The Bobby Roberts Project” - Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot

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